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July 4, 2020 Begins Our Return-to-Normal…Soon.
A New Swine Flu Threat Brings 1918 and 2009 Pandemic Deja Vu.
This time will likely be different, with more Vitamin D and Sunshine. 

Says Dr. David C. Page, Sr. of SmilePage® Health Institute, 501(c)(3) &

BALTIMORE, July 3, 2020 – July 4, 2020 “sunshine” likely begins our return to normal…soon. The just announced new Swine Flu threat brings 1918 and 2009 Pandemic Deja Vu. But this time will be different.

For nearly 6 months the so-called experts and pundits have spewed doom and gloom, and predicted it would last for years. Then they ordered us indoors out of sunshine. Ironically, it is the threat of a new strain of deadly H1N1 Swine Flu that may begin our return-to-normal, in just a few months. The great Mark Twain said, “Truth is Stranger than Fiction, But It Is Because Fiction Is Obliged to Stick to Possibilities; Truth Isn’t.”

In 2009, ten years ago, H1N1 Swine Flu influenza researchers strongly recommended that all health-care workers and patients be tested & treated for Vitamin D Deficiency known as VDD [PMID: 20102323]. In 2014, it was published that vitamin D boosts the immune system against infection [PMID: 19389235]. In 2016, researchers found “many healthcare workers suffer from VDD” [PMID: 27511337]. VDD is a condition that greatly raises the risk of Swine Flu and COVID-19 sickness and death.

Worldwide, 70% to 80% of ignored people have VDD, which increases risks and promotes over 300 illnesses and infections that can kill—including Swine Flu and now COVID-19. VDD is very common worldwide for several reasons. Even in sunny countries most people do not get enough sunshine each day to produce enough Vitamin D, called the “sunshine vitamin.” The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) guidelines set too low for decades greatly limits daily vitamin D intake from food and supplements. But the number one reason The Global Pandemic of VDD: King of ALL Silent Killers exists is because public health officials (MPHs, PhDs, MDs, etc.) have ignored and neglected to address VDD for at least ten years. Dozens of calls for help by global researchers for over a decade have been ignored or dismissed. One 2017 Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health article said, “Immediate actions are urgently needed to protect the global population from VDD [PMID: 28768407]. Prestigious ignorance may have led to the current greatest global health and economic decline in centuries, plus increased anxiety, depression, mental illness and suicides.

Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD) has been reported as a common high-risk factor for COVID-19 in Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, China, Iran, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Philippines, Indonesia, S. Korea the U.S and more. The lower the Vitamin D blood-level the worse COVID-19 tends to strike a person. Worldwide, 30% to 50% of people have VDD below 20ng/ml and 70% to 80% test below 30ng/ml. Both levels dramatically increase the risk the Swine Flu, COVID-19 and hundreds of other illnesses that can kill. 94% of dark skinned doctors studied who died of COVID-19 had VDD. It required two rounds of discovery to determine that death was due to VDD, because vitamin D was initially ignored by the living doctors just as those that died.

Key to preventing the Swine Flu and stopping COVID-19 is to treat the decade-old ignored global pandemic of VDD. Sadly, after 10 years, many people still have not had regular Vitamin D tests and unknowingly have deadly vitamin D blood levels below a normal 30-100ng/ml range. Research shows VDD decreases immunity and increases the risks of many infectious diseases such as Swine Flu and COVID-19. COVID-19 sickens some very diverse groups of “vulnerable” VDD people who have related poor immune systems like diabetics, the obese, the elderly, nursing home residents, meat processors, African Americans, Hispanics & Native Americans. Studies show people in these groups have very low blood levels of vitamin D, high rates of VDD and a much higher risk for severe COVID-19 sickness & death. 

Vitamin D3 and sunshine can greatly reduce the risk of dozens of infectious diseases. The whole public can also benefit from taking this action. Just $20 to $30 per-person per-year ($10 billion for all in the U.S.) of over-th-counter Vitamin D3, combined with regular exposure to sunshine, can boost immune systems, improve mental health and overall health, reduce COVID-19 disparities and save lives. Together they may help us safely restart the economy in a matter of 30-45 days, potentially saving our economy. It is time to enjoy some sensible sunshine and natuarally produce more vitamin D. More vitamin D and sunshine may bring the brigther future most all people want; decreased disease; a restored economy; cherished sports and public events; returning our families and friends to hugging; while improving mental health and well-being.

 It is time to diagnose, treat and prevent global VDD. All people need to know their vitamin D blood level, so they know the risks of disease and all-cause mortality [2008 PMID: 18574092]. The current “normal” Vitamin D blood test range is 30-100 ng/ml, but 50-80 ng/ml is a very good range. Over-the-counter (OTC) Vitamin D3 (not D2) is very safe, simple and effective VDD treatment. A year’s supply of OTC D3 and a good multi-vitamin with minerals costs $20-40 per person, per year. Taken together daily, they promote health, boost immune systems, and may even help prevent death from COVID-19 and the next possible pandemic.

If you are over 18 years old & your vitamin D blood level is under 30ng/ml, ask your doctor if you can take 50,000IUs of safe Vitamin D3 (not D2) twice in a week, for 2 to 4 weeks, and then 4,000IUs to 10,000IUs of safe over-the-counter Vitamin D3 daily. Target a 25(OH)D blood level of 50 to 80ng/ml. Ask for a nutrient blood test to find other deficiencies that can harm your immune system like Vitamins A, B1, B6, C, D, E, & minerals magnesium, iron, copper, selenium & zinc. If you are under age 18, ask your doctor for proper D3 dosing.

The SmilePage® Health Institute–SPHI, a 501(c)(3) purposes to support the mission of SmilePage® Corporation–SPC: a Maryland Corporation formed in 1998 to educate the public and healthcare professionals by relaying health-related information, breakthroughs and ongoing research. SPC accomplishes its primary mission using (1998); the book Your Jaws~Your Life (2003)—with a section on Nitric Oxide (NO); & the book The Global Pandemic of VDD: King of ALL Silent Killers (2018)—with over 800 NIH stored references for over 300 VDD related diseases. Dr. David C. Page is a 3rd generation Doctor of Dental Surgery in private practice since 1980. He is also a research director, author, speaker and founder of both The SmilePage® Corporation and The SmilePage® Health Institute–SPHI, a 501(c)(3).

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