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Healthcare Workers Need More Vitamin D3 In Their High-Risk Jobs [And Most People Need More D3 Too] Onset of COVID-19 Makes the Need Even More Urgent

BALTIMORE, June 10, 2020 – Healthcare Workers already work in one of the highest-risk occupations, says Dr. David C. Page of SmilePage® Health Institute. In 2016, researchers found many healthcare workers suffer from Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD), a condition that greatly raises COVID-19 risk. [PMID: 27511337] The combination of low vitamin D and risky job makes it crucial for all those working in a healthcare [and most other people] to be treated for diagnosed VDD before going back on the job. New research says a Vitamin D blood-level under 31ng/ml (30-100ng/ml is normal) dramatically raises the risk of elevated COVID-19 symptoms, or even death.

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