The King of All Silent Killers!

Can you believe that in 1928 vitamin D was discovered to prevent cavities, stop the spread of cavities and halt the growth of tooth decay (caries)? In 2017, a study found that vitamin D was BETTER than fluoride in preventing tooth decay. So why don’t we diagnose and treat vitamin D deficiency (VDD) which is a global pandemic affecting at least 1 billion people? =>Lack of education ignorance. Ignorance of already published research–even when a century old. Research shows Vitamin D can prevent decay, gum inflammation (gingivitis), periodontal disease, bone loss, tooth loss, implant failure, oral cancer, and more painful and worse healing after oral surgery for up to ONE year. Research found that Maternal and Early VDD can result in Severe Early Childhood Caries. It is time to diagnose and treat VDD around the world and get most peoples blood levels over 30 ng/ml and even to a better level of 40 to 60ng/ml ASAP,

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