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The SmilePage® Health Institute–SPHI, a 501(c)(3) purposes to support the mission of SmilePage®Corporation–SPC: a Maryland Corporation formed in 1998 to educate the public and healthcare professionals by relaying health-related information, breakthroughs and ongoing research. SPC accomplishes its primary mission using (1998); the book Your Jaws~Your Life (2003)—with a section on Nitric Oxide (NO); & the book The Global Pandemic of VDD: King of ALL Silent Killers (2018)—with over 800 NIH stored references for over 300 VDD related diseases. Dr. David C. Page is a 3rd generation Doctor of Dental Surgery in private practice since 1980. He is also a research director, author, speaker and founder of both The SmilePage® Corporation and The SmilePage® Health Institute–SPHI, a 501(c)(3).

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