The King of All Silent Killers!

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A COVID-19 “Perfect Storm” Demands Immediate CDC Action To Treat the Long Ignored Global Pandemic of Vitamin D Deficiency,
Says Dr. David C. Page of SmilePage® Health Institute, 501(c)(3)

Studies Show Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD) is a Global Pandemic & VDD May Promote COVID-19

Baltimore, Md., Feb. 25, 2020 – In his book, “The Global Pandemic of VDD: King of All Silent Killers,” Dr. David C. Page of SmilePage® Health Insitute explains how Vitamin D Deficiency affects the global population. A COVID-19 “Perfect Storm” needs immediate CDC actions to protect the world and address The Long Ignored Global Pandemic of Vitamin D Deficiency. Worldwide, around 70% to 80% of people have Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD). VDD increases the risk and/or promotes over 300 illnesses and infections which can kill—maybe including COVID-19. Vitamin D is critical to having a good immune system for better overall health, less disease and longer life. Vitamin D can boost the immune system, fight infection and kill bacteria, kill funguses and kill viruses.
At least one billion people globally have VDD. VDD uniquely puts people at greater risk for many infectious diseases, flus, respiratory infections, death, and maybe COVID-19. VDD is very prevalent because most people do not get enough sunshine each day to produce enough Vitamin D, called the “sunshine vitamin,” and because the RDA for Vitamin D and diet intake may be way too low.

Research shows VDD increases the risks of many diseases including infectious diseases like: Epidemic Flu [2006 PMID: 16959053], Annual Flu [2008 PMID: 18298852], Influenza Flu Virus and Respiratory Infections [2009 PMID: 20102323], Lung Infections [2011 PMID: 22332056], Tuberculosis (TB) [2012 PMID: 22123447], HIV Positive Patients [2012 PMID: 21878055], HIV & Broad Additional Whole Body Diseases [2013 PMID: 23690192], Pneumonia [2013 PMID: 23596250], Hospital Acquired Blood Stream Infections [2013 PMID: 23945717], Hospital-Acquired C. Difficile Infections (C-Diff) [2015 PMID: 24492311], Sepsis (Bloodstream Septicemia) [2015 PMID: 26041306], Staphylococcus & MRSA Infections [2015 PMID: 25860535 and PMID: 26141819], Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Sepsis Related Mortality [2016 PMID: 26721785], Decreased Immunity & Increased rates of Several Infectious Diseases [2017 PMID: 28672783], Hepatitis B (HBV) & Hepatitis C (HCV) [2018 PMID: 29398866].

It is time to diagnose, treat and prevent global VDD. People need to know their vitamin D blood level, so they know the risks of disease and all-cause mortality [2008 PMID: 18574092]. The current “normal” Vitamin D blood test range is 30-100 ng/ml, but 50-80 ng/ml may be best. Over-the-counter (OTC) Vitamin D3 is very safe, simple and effective VDD treatment. A year’s supply of OTC D3 and a good multi-vitamin with minerals costs $20-40 per person, per year. Taken together daily, they promote health, boost immune systems, and may even help prevent death from COVID-19.

ACTION: Ask your doctor if you can take 4,000 to 8,000 IUs of OTC Vitamin D3 daily or 50,000 IUs D3 weekly (not D2), as soon as possible. Get above 30 ng/ml and then target 50 to 80 ng/ml.
Ask your doctor for a nutrient blood test to find major deficiencies that can harm the immune system, including Vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, and minerals Iron, Copper, Selenium and Zinc.
Nutrient deficiency treatment is vital to health, even more so until a COVID-19 vaccine or therapy is discovered and the CDC checks COVID-19 victims for nutrient deficiency patterns–like vitamin D.

Read more of the above cited studies. Go to and put the PMID# in the search bar. For more VDD information, go to and


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